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  • Marissa Parker Gold

You have a newborn. Now what??

Newborns. They are breed all their own. Yes, you can read books, watch a video blog, talk to friends and ask questions of your pediatrician. Until you have your own newborn in your arms, in your home, you won’t know what it’s truly like and how it changes you instantly. When you finally become someone's mommy, you will finally know what a blessing it is and what it feels like to have someone to love so completely.

Having a newborn, in my opinion, shows you the true meaning of both unconditional love and complete dependence. Newborn babies require and unknowingly demand your constant time, attention and love. It’s not difficult to give them this but it can still be physically exhausting, emotionally draining, and constant. In return, your newborn has made you a parent. They ultimately become your greatest teacher. Here’s why I’m talking to you about newborns today.

In your earliest moments with your new child, you may feel overwhelmed and blissed-out, in-love at the same time. You will feel your maternal instincts kick in while not having a clue how to calm your child at 4am. This is all part of “the new parent learning curve”, also known as, your journey. But on this new trek, you are not in it alone. There are generations of parents, moms specifically, who’ve traveled this path before you and want to be there for you, if only you’ll let them in.

I don’t doubt, that as a new mom, you can figure it out. After all, our bodies are genetically predisposition to get us through this. We are hardwired to nurture and “mother” our children. But let’s be honest: it is still really difficult when you have a newborn child not sleeping, not eating, days and nights are mixed-up, and you’re going on 17+ hours without a solid stretch of sleep or for that matter, a shower. Believe it or not there are quite a few tricks that we mamas can share with you that may not show up on the blog you’re reading or the book on your bedside table.

It’s okay to feel mixed emotions. It’s okay to feel like you should be able to do it on your own…or that you even want to. But here’s what we know (and you may not have figured out quite yet)...

There is nothing to prove to anyone. This is a marathon, not a sprint. You’re now in it for the long haul and the sooner you let your village in, the better for you, your little one and your family.

While this time can be fraught with extreme highs and lows, know that it’s meant to be hard while extremely gratifying. And those of us, who’ve been through it before you, know this and can help you. So let us. Don’t feel that you have to do this alone. Know that it truly takes a village. Sometimes that village extends beyond your mom, your best friend, and your husband. It is worth finding a class with moms who are going through this with you and led by someone whom you truly believe can become a mentor, confidant or “just” another trusted mom. After all, we moms are in this together.

Parenting: Get Into It!

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