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Announcing the Launch of Crimson Club

When Big was just a few months old and I was still voraciously collecting parenting magazines, articles, books and actually scrutinizing them for relevant information, I came across an article that really stuck out. It resonated with me so much, in fact, that it has guided a recent career change.

A mother of two girls wrote the article. She talked about the importance of staying close with her daughters and ways that she had found to do this. In particular she had created a unique support group for her daughters and their friends, with the sole purpose of discussing issues and concerns around Sex Ed, body changes (puberty), parents, school, boys, friends, and all things Tween- and Teen-related. They met, in her home, bi-monthly, where they found a common space to literally and figuratively “be there” for each other and honor themselves, as they became young women.

To me, this seemed profound and I knew then, when Big was only a few months old, that one day, I’d do the same for her and her little sister. Fast-forward 10 years later and I was discussing this with Big.

“How would you feel about inviting some of your friends over to our home? I think we should start some kind of club where you and a group of your friends can get together, with me, to talk what it’s like to grow up today – the things that make you happy, scared, anxious, etc.”, I asked.

Her reply couldn’t have been more insightful, “I think that’s a great idea but why would you limit it to only me and my friends, mommy? I think there are tons of girls who would really love to do that.”

The wheels in my mind started turning and I launched into a period of scouring the Internet, talking to doctors and friends, and making phone calls to educational institutions. There was and is nothing like this in the LA area for typically developing Tween and Teen girls.

And so the idea of Crimson Club was officially born. Crimson Club is a perfect marriage, for me, of the work that I completed at UW-Madison in Women’s Studies and Sociology (with concentrations in the effect of Media on young girls and women) combined with that of Early Childhood Education at UCLA.

Crimson Club is where my heart is and I am so thankful for my family’s support to start something new – for the LA area and me. CC is a special place for young girls, in grades 3-7, to gather and discuss topics presented by me and thoughts and concerns, brought up by them.

Crimson Club is a Social and Emotional Support Group for Tween girls. This month, we kick off our Beta programming with a 3rd/4th grade group and a 5th/6th grade group. We will see where this year takes us and what we learn from each other. I have no doubt it will be an interesting ride. Stay tuned for stories from the trenches. If you’re a parent of a Tween or Teen, you will not want to miss out.

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