We know from a body of research that the ability to self-soothe, delay gratification, and meet emotional needs are the most necessary skills for our children’s long-term success.  In fact, studies have shown that these skills may be more important than IQ scores and as such, have become a core focus for parenting today. 

Knowing where to focus should make parenting easier and yet why do so many parents always feel exhausted, that their patience is eternally thin and tried and that they are just “out of ideas” for ways to have their child “get with the program”?  Parents are not using their number one tool, Mindful Discipline, to enrich the lives of their children.  Instead, parents are frequently using discipline as punitive punishment, whether purposefully or not.  Sadly, it is all too easy for parents to fall into the trap of giving time outs, threatening and yelling – even when it is known that these types of discipline do not work with children, at all.

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July 22, 2017

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