Divisiveness, Racism, Segregation, Fear.  These are most often the words used to describe how Donald Trump (and his team) ran his campaign.  Now, as we wake up to the reality that he will be our next President, we must come together, persevere and figure out how we talk to our children about “what happens now.” If you believed in Trump and are happy with the situation - congratulations on the outcome and I hope for all of us he is the President you must have believed he could be.

Yesterday my social media feeds were filled with words and pictures of optimism, children participating in the voting process, and encouraging sentiments.  Today, those same feeds are filled with dread for what’s to come and sadness for what just happened. 

How did we miss the boat to elect our First Woman President and when will that opportunity come again? 

What’s important now is that we NOT fixate on what went wrong or what could have been.  What’s important now is to march forward, heads held high...

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'Frisco with Kids

July 22, 2017

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