August 28, 2015

Newborns. They are breed all their own.  Yes, you can read books, watch a video blog, talk to friends and ask questions of your pediatrician.  Until you have your own newborn in your arms, in your home, you won’t know what it’s truly like and how it changes you instantly.   When you finally become someone's mommy, you will finally know what a blessing it is and what it feels like to have someone to love so completely.


Having a newborn, in my opinion, shows you the true meaning of both unconditional love and complete dependence. Newborn babies require and unknowingly demand your constant time, attention and love.  It’s not difficult to give them this but it can still be physically exhausting, emotionally draining, and constant.  In return, your newborn has made you a parent.  They ultimately become your greatest teacher. Here’s why I’m talking to you about newborns today.


In your earliest moments with your new child, you may feel overwhelmed and blissed-out...

August 18, 2015

When Big was just a few months old and I was still voraciously collecting parenting magazines, articles, books and actually scrutinizing them for relevant information, I came across an article that really stuck out.  It resonated with me so much, in fact, that it has guided a recent career change.


A mother of two girls wrote the article.  She talked about the importance of staying close with her daughters and ways that she had found to do this.  In particular she had created a unique support group for her daughters and their friends, with the sole purpose of discussing issues and concerns around Sex Ed, body changes (puberty), parents, school, boys, friends, and all things Tween- and Teen-related. They met, in her home, bi-monthly, where they found a common space to literally and figuratively “be there” for each other and honor themselves, as they became young women.


To me, this seemed profound and I knew then, when Big was only a few months old, that one day, I’d do the...

August 15, 2015

Aah, Back To School…the time when moms and dads rejoice, and well, our children…it depends.  That is, it depends on how we (the parents) treat this time of year.  Most young children take their emotional cues from those they love and trust, their parents.  I know you’re well aware of the term, “modeling” but it goes without saying that your children are really looking to you (at all times) when trying to figure out how to feel about different situations and how to act in a multitude of scenarios - this time of year and always.  As you talk to your children about heading back into the classroom and onto the school yeard, there are a few key things to keep in mind for a smooth transition back to school.


For starters, summer time is all about flexibility and spontenaeity.  While that is fun and typically works – longer days, less responsibility to scheduiling conflicts, etc.,- all of a sudden, there are play dates, longer school days, after school activities and r...

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