February 24, 2015


Despite eating everything as a toddler, many children can and do turn into “carb and white-food only” monsters, driving their parents crazy around mealtimes.  Parents are not just frustrated but concerned and often ask if their children can really be meeting their nutritional needs with multiple meals of french fries, macaroni and cheese and other pastas.  


I'm guessing that so many of you reading this, the parents of many 2-7 year olds, are going through this exact same thing, or you have.  And while this may not help to hear/read, it’s VERY common.  So, first, please don’t stress over this.  Why does this happen? 


Children like to exert their independence in a few key places.  Food is one of them.  Young children (or older Toddlers) now have an understanding that they can make choices that you, the parent (much to your dismay), are unable to control.  This is one way that these little guys and gals are showing you, “Hey, I’...

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