November 30, 2014


Recently my younger daughter asked me why Daddy always had his phone with him.  I paused, coming up with all of the politically correct answers I could give her.  They went something like this:


“Daddy owns his own business and needs to be accessible.”


“Something important may happen and Daddy needs to find out immediately.”


“Daddy isn’t on the phone, it’s just nearby, in case…”


I even contemplated:

“Daddy is addicted to Trivia Crack”.  Okay, maybe I didn’t…well…


Then I thought about it some more and realized that there wasn’t a single excuse I could provide to my young daughter that would make sense to her.  Mainly because it doesn’t make sense in a child’s mind, why anything and especially a phone, would be more important than her. 


Do you remember the song, “Cat’s in the Cradle”?  Listen up moms and dads: we’ve become the epitome of the words sung by Harry Chapin.  Our children are growing up too fast and before you know it, they’re gong to be asking for their own Nano...

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