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Brain-Based Parent Education

Sleeping, Eating, Transitions

Tantrums, Discipline

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Marissa is an expert in Brain-Based Parenting – using what we know about how the brain develops during different stages of a child’s early life - to make informed parenting decisions around discipline, behavior, sleep, eating, transitional moments and more.  Her deep understanding of how to apply science to parenting decisions has helped her become a respected teacher, private consultant and speaker. 


As the Founder of IntuitParenting, Marissa is dedicated to serving parents throughout their child’s developmental years - in private consultations, parenting groups (both Mommy and Me and Parent Education seminars) and school and community presentations and workshops.  


Marissa’s unique perspective focuses on helping parents by reinforcing intuitive, positive, respectful and attentive parenting.  Ultimately helping you to have a deeper understanding for the developmental needs of your child and the ability to engage in non-confrontational and respectful communication, effective modeling, authentic, present and mindful parenting.

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