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Why IntuitParenting?
Parenting is a journey, a marathon - not a sprint.  It is tremendously gratifying while simultaneously challenging and all-consuming.
Your child's early years are critical to their overall achievement.  90% of their brain development will occur during their first 5 years!  This lays the groundwork for who your child will become.
I founded IntuitParenting to begin a universal dialogue between parents to better understand the development of young children and fully support them (and their parents) throughout their entire childhood and into adolescence and the tween years.


What promotes healthy brain-wiring?  Let's begin our journey...parenting: let's get into it!

- Marissa Gold


(310) 650-1400

No two children, families, relationships or jobs are alike.  Our uniqueness is what makes us interesting, fun and enables us to meet and conquer the challenges that come our way.  
This is parenting.
There is no singular way to "parent best".  What you bring to the "parenting table" combined with what I know about Brain-Based care will help you make informed decisions to be the best parent possible.  Join me.

Welcome to the IntuitParenting online community where children’s development is explored, demystified and decoded.


Your parenting journey begins here. 

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  • Private Parent Coaching

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